by Anmol Irfan

On Muslim YA Novels

I was a bookworm growing up, and so it was easy for me to get lost in the stories I was reading. For a very long time, I was particularly attracted to the ease with which Young Adult literature pulled me in.  As much as I would want to be absorbed into these stories and […]

دماوندی, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Female Scholarship In Islam Is Challenging Patriarchal Leadership

For so long, I had grown up believing that social justice discourse, particularly through a gendered lens, was a completely separate sphere from Islamic discussions.. This post, for example, is not something that I am used to seeing. I mean:  a religious scholar calling out the systemic abuse and silencing of women in religious circles, […]

Stock photo courtesy Negative Space

Religion Is Becoming More Accessible. Here’s How.

“When you meet with faith leaders, everyday citizens and see the work that is needed — and is being done — it helps you understand belief systems and how they impact everyday lives,” says Eliana Abdo, project manager at interfaith women’s organization Nisa Nashim. Abdo also shares how recently a public pool dispute in the […]

Struggling With Disordered Eating During Ramadan

Alaina grew up with fond memories of Ramadan. She loved the satisfaction of having her favorite foods after a long day of fasting. But along with the samosas and jalebis she so enjoyed, the iftar table was accompanied by another constant: a conversation about how fattening these same foods were and how much weight everyone […]

Testimony: Embracing my Identity as a Muslim and Feminist

Sitting in Islamiat class at the age of 10 or 11, the teacher’s voice rang out: “What are the five pillars of Islam?” Dutifully, we answered as a class in one voice. Shahada, salat, zakat, roza, hajj. Every Muslim child is taught to answer this question, and we’re meant to answer on demand to prove […]