Gregory H. Revera, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Space Object of the Month: May, 2021

illustrated drop cap for the letter EEach Friday, the folks at Preachy will offer you something of a reflection for your weekend. This Friday, we present our first Space Object of the Month, in which a Preachy co-editor invites you to learn how to use his telescope (with him):

Items I will try to find: Lunar Eclipse

Why?: ‘Cause it’s pretty easy to spot the Moon

When: May 26, 2021

If you haven’t looked at our moon through a mid-to-good-range telescope, I would encourage it. At the handful of McDonald Observatory Star Parties I’ve had the pleasure of attending, it’s almost always among my personal highlights. Flat vertiginous, if you ask me. Anyway, you won’t apparently need much in the way of special viewing implements to get a great view of this lunar eclipse (provided that you live in the right spot), but I will most definitely be training my telescope on it.