ESO/SPECULOOS Team/E. Jehin, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Space Object of the Month: April, 2021

illustrated drop cap for the letter EEach Friday, the folks at Preachy will offer you something of a reflection for your weekend. This Friday, we present our first Space Object of the Month, in which a Preachy co-editor invites you to learn how to use his telescope (with him):

Items I will try to find: NCG 5128

Why?: ‘Cause it is “well-placed” and…it’s another GALAXY

When: April 13, 2021

It’s maybe a small marvel but, to me, the very fact that things as unfathomably enormous as galaxies are so tiny to us here on Earth is the very thing that makes me want to look more at the sky. Lucky for me, Galaxy NCG 5128, Centaurus A, is well placed this particular evening.  If it looks anything like this through the lens of my backyard telescope, I will be plum thrilled.