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Playlist: Music to go with Death to the Baobobs!

Each Friday, the folks at Preachy will offer you something of a reflection for your weekend. Since we missed this past Friday, we’re offering this playlist today. It’s from Salawu Olajide, our colleague at Olongo Africa, who is also the author of Death to the Baobobs! We hope you enjoy it.

The Holy Hair Wrangles

There is a story about two sisters who became prostitutes in Egypt. Men fondled their breasts, caressed their bosoms, and poured all their lust out on them. They too lusted after their lovers, whose genitals, we are told, were like those of donkeys and whose emissions were like those of horses. The twins, Oholah and […]

Larre, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Death to the Baobabs!

I. What defines Ìdí-ẹgbẹ́ as Ìdí-ẹgbẹ́ is the huge baobab tree there. I can’t guess its age, but by the hypothesis by which science uses to predict the age of ancient trees, we can agree it is centuries old. Everybody met there including Sunday Alálùjọ̀nú, its devotee. Ìdí-ẹgbẹ́ is called Ìdí-ẹgbẹ́ because it used to […]

Bill The Mailman

Raised by German immigrants in a small West Texas town, I grew up hearing “Hitler was right on the race issue” over dinner. At sixteen, I ran away. I was queer, punk, and half-feral when an insular, all-Black church rescued me. For ten years, I lived a cloistered, communal life, trying and failing to become […]