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Naked and Not Ashamed

As a child, I watched and sang along to the iconic soundtracks of The Prince of Egypt and Joseph: King of Dreams DVDs until the CDs were scratched beyond recognition and would not play anymore. Like Joseph, I was a young dreamer. I had dreams of heaven and otherworldly places. My mum would encourage me […]

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Letting that Burden Go

There is one very short spectrum when it comes to the way people view misfortune. There are those who look at it as mere bad luck, and there are those who see it as a repercussion for the wrongs they may have done in the past. And there is a third group: those who attribute […]

The Roots of Nigerian patriarchy

Here is a Monday Thought for your Wednesday. This post is co-published in partnership with our Brick House colleagues at Olongo Africa A whopping 70 percent of women in Nigeria have been abused at some point in their lives. In a country where religion is the order of the day, a stalwart religious patriarchy enforces a […]

This is not a letter to my Christian School

For years, I’ve had a recurring dream of writing a letter to the Christian school I attended from grade six to grade 12. In this letter, I would tell my teachers and school administrators  about the damage that they did. I would tell them that their forceful insistence that Christianity is the only true religion […]

Brite Divinity School, the author’s alma mater — and a place where he currently teaches

Letting in the Light from Outside

How learning to appreciate other religions changed my Christian faith — and made it stronger Scandalized: that’s how my 1994 self would feel were he to time-travel to the present and see me guiding students at TCU or Brite Divinity School through the beliefs and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and other religions. It’s a […]